Sketch App tutorial: Objects



In this particular chapter, we learn how to organize objects within different levels and groups. Every object that you draw on the worksheet in this app is converted into a layer. Please refer to Figure 1 to identify this. 

Figure 1 Object for every level


There are basically three types of levels in the Sketch app. They are as follows. 

  • Form
  • Image
  • Text

Text layers are can be identified easily as it has a specific iconography. You can also find a preview displayed by the shape layers which shows the form contained in the layers. The image layers can be identified by a photo. Image layers are bitmaps whereas shape and text layers are vector. You can find all the different types of layers in Figure 2. 

Figure 2 Different types of levels


When you take a look at Figure 3, you will see how a clear drawing is the combination of various levels. Any object can be hidden or covered with another object according to the position of the layer. Similar to all other graphic software apps, Sketch app also follows the rule of Pile-which means objects placed in higher levels obtain more visibility than those placed in a lower level. As you can see in the image, the two layers that contain clouds are positioned on either sides and the layer that contains the sun element is placed in between these two layers. So you can see how the lower layers are covered by the upper layer that contains the cloud. 

Figure 3 Layer Hierarchy


In this figure we can see that all the objects are free and it can be moved as required. You can move the entire drawing by simply selecting and pressing the shift key. In this way, you can easily select multiple objects. 

You can also group multiple objects into a single layer and it can be classified into a folder. This is shown in Figure 4. 

Figure 4 Group of objects


In order to assimilate different objects into a single folder or layer, all you need to do is select the objects and press CMD+G. In this way, you can use common tools to work with all the elements in the folder and keep the work organized. Grouping is one of the best methods to assimilate objects that we want in one single place. Moreover, it is easy to work on assimilated objects stored in a folder. 

If an object is a part of the folder and we select it from a worksheet, we can observe immediately that the layer panel of the folder is automatically highlighted. You can move these elements together and it appears as though it is stuck to one another. 

In the figure, you can observe that with this option, you can move folders or groups like a single object. Sketch app is designed to select only the group of the object and not a single element. Therefore it is important to comprehend this tool completely before using it and switching from one mode to another. So you can uncheck the option and choose single elements in a group by clicking the mouse several times. 


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