Web App or Dashboard (UI Design)

Web App or Dashboard (UI Design)

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1 Quantity Includes the following:

✅ 1 Pixel-perfect Web App UI Design screen

✅ Sketch App source file and other file deliverables such as jpegs, pngs, svgs and more (on request at no extra fees)

✅ inVision project with all the assets needed for easy Front-end implementation (Images, Icons and CSS specs). On request, I can also use Zeplin or Marvel.

✅ 1 Video Presentation of the final Web App Design

✅  1 Video tutorial for developers on how implement my UI Designs quickly and easily

✅ Fast Email or chat support from Pierluigi Giglio

✅ Commercial Use

✅ 100% Guarantee that I will meet the deadline - Otherwise I’ll give you a FREE $150 Coupon to use on any design service in the store

👉 See these examples before making the order: pierluigigiglio.com/dashboard-examples

This service does not include revision rounds: Buy Revision Hours

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Hello, I am Pierluigi Giglio and I want to thank you for visiting this page. My goal is to help you achieve the goals you want from your web app or dashboard experience and in order to do so I’d like to tell you exactly what this specific service is about and ask you a few key questions:

Would you like to have a designer that can help you design a great and user friendly web app? Or have a tailor-made dashboard app that has the same pixel-perfect level of quality of the ones of billion dollar companies such as Facebook, Stripe or Apple?  Would you enjoy working with an expert that truly understands your needs right away and gets you the results fast without making you waste dozens of hours on communication issues and revisions? If you said yes to any of these or would like to bring your web app to the next level, you probably thought of hiring a freelance designer in order to achieve the results you desire within a small amount of time and without spending alot of money.

Imagine investing less than a hundred dollars and achieving the same visual design quality of Billion dollar companies such as Facebook, Google, Airbnb and many more. What would the extra ROI of this premium user experience mean for your (or your client’s) business? Increasing the retention rate of the users in your web app up to 53%? Increasing the conversion rate up to 87.3%? Winning that funding round since your brand image impressed investors with it’s solid and professional look? 

By choosing me you will work with a UI designer with over 8 years of experience and I will achieve high quality results at a very small price. You will be able to control the design investments at all times, without having to worry about the fixed monthly costs of hiring a part-time or full-time senior designer (which can be up to $150.000 per year.. every year).

For many, finding a good designer is the biggest challenge. There are tens of thousands of designers out there, and the vast majority will give you many headaches for several reasons, including:

  • Bad and Inconsistent Design Quality

  • Missed Deadlines (Most Popular complain)

  • They design for their portfolios, not for the real world

  • Difficult communication/Difficulty to be on the same page

  • They won’t ask the right questions (and heavily miss your project’s goals and KPIs)

  • They aren’t proactive enough

  • The make design files that are hard for developers to implement

You may realise the faster you’ll find a great designer, the faster you can have a less stressful business life and make more money in less time. That’s why you’ll love my premium design experiences.

For more than 8 years, I have helped companies in all sorts of fields and situations, from multi million-dollar companies looking to get to the next level, to startups with their first million in funding and and also early-stage startups who were looking to raise their first couple hundred thousands dollars in funding.

My premium web app designs follow the most cutting-edge UI/UX practices in order to maximise the chance that the final solution will achieve the business results and KPIs you want. The best part is that each and every design is optimised and delivered in a format that will be extremely easy and fun for web developers to implement the design solution. 

I’ll be working on the project by using Sketch App and use inVision for showing and collaborating on the final prototype. This combination will make it very easy for us to work and update the project whenever needed, regardless of the size of your team. In the past I worked with teams of 10-15 people while being 100% remote, and I have developed a solid workflow that allows all of us to easily be on the same page, regardless if you’re a stakeholder, a manager or a web developer.

Many designer’s out there (especially other ones you’ll find on cheap design sites) will simply take orders, grab your content without asking too many questions and really make an effort to understand your business goals and will use copy/paste templates to deliver the order fast, just as if you were part of a fast-food chain. 

Listen, I create templates myself and sometimes they can be useful to save a bit on time on manual work, but they aren’t a magic one-size-fit-all solution and I understand that when it comes to client projects, each and every project must be tailor-made and focused on specifically solving the client’s problems and create unique identity that will speak about their brand. Let’s be frank, you wouldn’t have listen to this video so far if you thought that Facebook built their billion dollar web apps by just using cheap templates.

My approach focuses around an initial research phase, where I’ll learn about your company, your customers and your goals for the project. Followed by that, l’ll have a brainstorming session and think about multiple ideas on how to execute the project in the best possible way. The next phase will be creating the actual structure based on the concepts you have sent me, so I will have a live wireframe up in Sketch. At that point, that’s where I’ll really go into the design details and create a pixel-perfect web app screen that will match your company’s vision and essence. I will focus on colors, typography, layout and composition in order to bring your web app’s user experience to the next level. 

With a 99.97% client satisfaction rate, don’t take my word for it, please check yourself on what my current and past clients have to say about working with me.

If you want a great web app but don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for a premium design, If you want to have a great user experience for your product, or if you’re looking to bring your current dashboard app experience to the next level, then you’ll love how easy and enjoyable you’ll find working with me.   

To benefit you even more, I offer a 100% guarantee that I will always meet the deadlines, otherwise I’ll personally give you back XXXX

PS: A limited amount of orders are available on a weekly basis and only for this week I’m running a sale with a massive discount.. be sure not to miss the special discounted price, so make your order today! 

- Pierluigi