Frequently Asked Questions


Why are the prices in your store soo low for a designer with your level of experience? 

Having worked as as a freelance designer for almost a decade, I realised that almost 50% of my time was being invested in giving estimates, basic communication with clients, invoicing and collecting payments.

All those things were taking me away focus from my actual passion, which is doing the design work. Since all of these things can be automated while making at the same time the process of working with me easier and smoother for my clients, I decided to invest the time and create the tailor-made design store so that both parties can save time and have a more enjoyable experience.

Since I save alot of time when clients book a design service via my store, client can appreciate of a discount of up to 50% off of my design services if they purchase them via my e-commerce store.

So, instead of me having to charge you $400 for a design project, you can have it for only $200 if you purchase it via my design store, and you will save alot of time in the process too! It's a win-win situation.

My clients are falling in love with this new process since it makes the process of working with me much easier, while still maintaining the same level of quality and enjoying the lower price tag :)

Do you outsource your Design work?

No, I'm always doing the work myself 95% of the times. The only occasions in which I'll consider outsourcing some of the work would be for areas in which other freelancers in my close network would do a better job than me in that specific segment (example: illustrations) or if my schedule get busier than usual and my client needs to meet a tight deadline.

In that case, I'll go above and beyond in order to meet the deadline and I might outsource a small fraction of the work to a close designer friend of mine, but you'll be communicating with me at all times and I will manage and guarantee that the final outcome always meets the high quality standards that my clients expect from working with me.

Are you a Freelancer or are you an Agency?

I'm 100% a Freelancer and have no plan in growing my boutique business over a certain level since I am very passionate about doing design work and not managing people.

What softwares do you use most of the time?

For design I primarily use Sketch App. I also use the Adobe Creative Suite when it makes sense (mainly Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and XD).

For prototyping and sharing the projects with the client and their teams, I mainly use inVision. I also have experience with Zeplin and Marvel.

What are your response times? 

Very quick. I always aim to reply instantly whenever I can, and I can generally guarantee a response within 24 hours during all the work days (Mon to Fri). Exceptions are made during holiday times and weekends, where communication might be more delayed, but I still aim to reply as fast as I can. I am not a freelancer that disappears, promised :)

Note: 1-on-1 Calls usually need to be pre-booked via my Calendly link.