Frequently Asked Questions


How do you price projects?


Do you outsource your Design work?

No, I'm always doing the work myself 99.9% of the times. The only occasions in which I'll consider outsourcing some of the work would be for areas in which other professional in my close network would do a better job than me in that specific segment (example: illustrations) or if my schedule get busier than usual and my client still needs to meet a tight deadline.

Are you an indipendent designer or are you an Agency?

I'm an indipendent designer and have no plan in growing my design clientele over a certain level since I am very passionate about doing design work and not managing people.

I only want to work with a very small amount of high quality clients with which I can create a win-win situation.

What workflows and softwares do you use?

For design I primarily use Figma, since it makes working collaboratively with remote teams very easy. For communication, Iā€™m very flexible and use a variety of softwares.  

I occasionally use Adobe softwares too (Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign).

What are your response times? 

Communication with me is Fast. I always aim to reply instantly whenever I can, and I can generally guarantee a response within 24 hours during work days (Monday to Friday). Exceptions are made during holiday times and weekends, where communication might be more delayed, but I still aim to reply as soon as I can.

Note: If you need me to be very responsive during a certain time frame or in some specific days, please contact me and we can sort things out.