Frequently Asked Questions

Do you outsource your UI/UX work?

No, I'm always doing the work myself 95% of the times. The only occasions in which I'll consider outsourcing some of the work would be for areas in which other freelancers in my close network would do a better job than me in that specific segment (example: illustrations) or if my schedule get busier than usual and my client needs to meet a tight deadline. In that case, I'll go above and beyond in order to meet the deadline and I might outsource a small fraction of the work to a close designer friend of mine, but you'll be communicating with me at all times and I will manage and guarantee that the final outcome always meets the high quality standards that my clients expect from working with me.

Are you a Freelancer or are you an Agency?

I'm 100% a Freelancer.

What is your UI/UX Design process?

My process varies from client to client based on their specific needs (every project is tailor-made), and usually is divided into 4 macro areas: 

1. Research phase - In this stage I learn about your business, the field in which you are operating, your target market, your competitors and I gather other relevant and important data that will help and support the project. I always want to clearly understand the context and the important informations that will help to make the project a success.

2. Wireframe and UX - The key focus will be to end this stage with a solid and functional UX structure for the project. It usually includes brainstorming, wireframing, prototyping and creating low-fidelity mockups. This is a very important stage, since this is the foundation for reaching you business KPIs at scale.

3. UI Design - This is where I focus on the visual branding and creating a pixel-perfect user interface design, where every visual detail and micro-interaction is perfectly balanced.

4. Revisions and Hand-off for developers - I take great care in delivering assets that are easy for developers to implement, and includes briefly speaking with them to make a solution tailored to their specific needs. Usually after this stage we start with incremental improvements and A/B Testing.

Please consider that I just wrote about the general areas to give an overview idea, and depending on the project I might go much more in-depth in any of these areas.

What softwares do you use most of the time?

For design I primarily use Sketch App. I also use the Adobe Creative Suite when it makes sense (mainly Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and sometimes Adobe XD).

For prototyping and sharing the projects with the client and their teams, I mainly use inVision. I also have some experience with Zeplin and Marvel.

What are your response times? 

Very quick. I always aim to reply instantly whenever I can, and I can generally guarantee a response within 24 hours during all the work days (Mon to Fri). Exceptions are made during holiday times and weekends, where communication might be more delayed, but I still aim to reply as fast as I can. I am not a freelancer that disappears, promised :)