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Web Apps - UI Design

I’ve worked on dozens of complex web applications and dashboards, from the wireframe stages, all the way through to the final pixel-perfect UI Design. I always place a heavy emphasis on creating well-balanced design solutions that are user-friendly and perfectly aligned with your brand's core values.

Having designed web apps for startups and multi-million dollar businesses, I am sure that I can help you craft a UI Design that will reach your business KPIs at scale.

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iOS Apps - UI Design

Throughout my professional endeavors, I’ve been fortunate to have worked on numerous iOS apps, from conception to launch. Byn creating well-balanced design solutions that are user-friendly and perfectly aligned with your brand's core values, I develop useful and user-intuitive iOS applications. 

Having designed iOS apps for startups and multi-million dollar businesses, I am completely confident that I can help you craft a UI design that will drive results for your business.


Responsive Website UI Design

From conception to launch, I’ve helped build dozens of responsive websites for clients across a wide range of industries and markets. My approach involves well-balanced design solutions that are user-friendly and client-aligned.

For startups and multi-million dollar businesses, I am sure that I can help you craft a UI Design that will inhibit sustainable success for your business.


iPad App UI Design

I’ve also developed a number of applications specifically designed for the iPad. With my stalwart approach of focusing on crafting well-balanced design solutions, I can create a user-friendly and intuitive iPad application specifically tailored to your brand’s core values.

Throughout my professional endeavors, I’ve designed a number of iPad apps for startups and multi-million dollar businesses. I am confident that I can craft a UI Design that will reach your business KPIs at scale.


Advanced UI Styleguides with Nested Symbols using Sketch App 

I’ve worked on substantial projects  (think 200+ screens per web app) for corporate clients helping me built a tremendous deal of experience in creating scalable style guides with advanced nested symbols structures, so that we can reach extremely detailed levels of consistency throughout a complex app or website project. My workflow involves using Sketch App's nested symbols and inVision for prototyping and collaborating with clients.

* Please note that this service is only available upon request at the start of a project.

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New Visual UX Ideas based on One Wireframe

Do you already have a wireframe or a rough sketch idea of a screen or a set of screens? I can help you improve it by creating more variations and generating new ideas based on your wireframe or sketch. For many years, I have worked and consulted as a UI/UXX consultant for small and multi-million dollar companies, so I am ready to tackle UX problems of any size.

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1-on-1 UI Design and Branding Consultations

During our 1-on-1 design consultations I will help you make strategic decisions for your specific project. Every consultation is tailor-made around your specific needs and my goal is to have either a solution or a concrete plan of action at the end of every session.


UI and Brand Identity Guidelines

Having worked on many projects for large companies, I understand the importance of having clear UI and branding guidelines,  ensuring that the project maintains an extremely high level of consistency and allowing for the brand’s visual language to be highly scalable. I can help by both updating a current style guide or creating a new one from scratch, which will be tailored to your brand's unique identity and values.


Interactive Visual Prototypes

Pixel-perfect UI designs are great, but it would be even better to see a live prototype working instead of just having a bunch of inactive screens. This is something that I can surely help you with, having created dozens of real and functioning prototypes throughout my professional endeavors.

These prototypes will allow both your internal team and stakeholders/investors to see what the app will feel like even before you write a single line of code. 


Coded Web Designs with Webflow

Have you ever had a designer create a great looking web design only to have the unpleasurable experience of seeing that the coded version of that design ended up looking worse than the original design concept? 

I can help your hfront-end development by creating the website in Webflow, which allows designers like myself to create pixel-perfect coded web pages that are semantically clean and fully capable of leveraging the latest versions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Logo and Brand Identity Design

I have a substantial amount of relevant experience when it comes to brand identities and logo designs, so I can surely help you craft an excellent brand experience that will reach your business KPIs at scale.


Social Media Design - Banner Ads, Posts and Profiles Design and more..

Do you need a banner image for a Facebook or an Instagram story advertisement? A cover photo for your company page? An infographic to promote your latest blog post? I can help you with that – and much more. I will get your social media designs to exceed the highest standards, so that your posts and company page can go viral and acquire the attention it deserves!


Marketing Design Assets

Be it stationary designs, brochures, business cards, exhibition design, presentation decks, ebooks or anything in between, I can help you meet your marketing design needs at scale.

I have worked with many marketing teams and print suppliers, so I have a clear understanding on the steps needed to successfully complete projects – even when deadlines are tight!



I can help you create high quality illustrations that will communicate your brand’s message ands core values in a simple and direct way. 


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