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Pierluigi has been the best designer I’ve ever worked with. He redesigned our website and worked on a variety of projects, from iOS apps to advertising designs and he consistently creates top-quality designs which are stunningly smart and beautiful in every detail. Plus, he is always on time and meet deadlines. He’s also an absolute pleasure to work with — creative, intelligent, and incredibly productive.


MARIO UHER, Co-Founder & CTO at Yodel.io


We worked with Pierluigi on designing our backend web app from scratch and we are delighted with the results. Pierluigi has excellent communication skills and uses robust workflows that allowed me and my team to work with him remotely smoothly and efficiently. The UI designs he crafted are top-notch, and the design system he integrated allows for straightforward fixes and bulk updates throughout almost every area of the app. I'm looking forward to partner up with him on upcoming projects. Highly recommended!


We’ve been working with Pierluigi on multiple projects for the last 2 years. He has delivered consistent high quality designs for our web, iPhone and iPad apps. Pierluigi is a great communicator, always meets deadlines and has a great understanding of UX. Most importantly, he has strong workflows that allow us to work remotely in a very efficient and productive way. We will continue working with Pierluigi and highly recommend him!


Ryan Bertrand, Co-Founder at Fast Notes


What I appreciated most about working with Pierluigi is that when he said he would get something done, he always did. I never had to ask him twice. He thinks about the user experience first, recommends options, when our team didn't even think of it, and was thorough, professional, and most important, quick! I hope we can work together on future projects. Great experience!


RONDA RINGO, Director of Business Analysis & Quality Control AT ARMEDIA


Pierluigi is a UI rockstar with amazing attention to detail. He designs high-quality solutions that work flawlessly and look beautiful. Best of all, his designs are reliable—like the saying goes, they can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.


After working with Pierluigi for a few months on our web app and website I am very happy with the results. Pierluigi is clearly ahead of the game when it comes to both UI and UX Design, plus communication is fast and he always delivers on time. It’s quite simple really: if you hire Pierluigi you will be very happy with the end result.


Pierluigi is a highly skilled UI designer. Not only is he very fast at transforming wireframes into beautiful high fidelity designs, he's also knowledgeable on a process level, be it providing design in the appropriate tools to make the implementation easier or setting up of a design system and training our internal designers on its use. We are happy to be able to work with him. Strongly recommend!




I really enjoyed working with Pierluigi. He did a phenomenal job on my web app and website. Opening emails from him felt like opening a Christmas gift as I was excited to see what each new screen would look like. He has a true eye for design. He was attentive and made changes quickly. Glad I found him and I plan on working with him again in the future.

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Pierluigi is a rock star’s rock star! Produces reliable and amazing results time after time. We have worked together on almost 10 projects that span mobile, enterprise and consumer applications. A hidden gem.


Dimy Jeannot, Partner at Jeannot Corporation


Simply put: Pierluigi is awesome! He blends into our remote team and works side by side with us on the look of Yodel.io. Starting with the overall new Yodel corporate design he worked with us on the website, visuals and makes our mobile apps look gorgeous. Pierluigi is responsive, empathic and integrates into your workflows.




Pierluigi has been a pleasure to work with. He's extremely talented and professional. I am new to the world of UI/UX design so I didn't know what to expect. He made the entire process simple and took the time to answer every one of my questions. In the end, I am very happy with his design of my app and can't wait to work with him again.


Working with Pierluigi proved itself to be is a real success for our company Simpo.io . He's a very talented designer who is also very professional and proficient with his work. I'd recommend anyone to work with him.


I worked with Pierluigi in the redesign of our website's UI/UX. It was easy to work with him as he helped to implement our vision. We were very pleased with the final product. Highly recommended and I plan to work with him again as our technology needs evolve.




Pierluigi is really one of a kind. As an ex-designer (and a very picky person) I went through multiple designers all with different workflow, and have to say the Pierluigi is simply the best. He understood our SaaS workflow from the start, and the whole process from beginning to end has been a breeze! He knows what he is talking about, comes up with creative & functional ideas. I can’t thank him enough for the UI & UX of our site. No need to look any further!


Pierluigi is an extremely talented, world-class designer who came to me highly recommended. He is professional, reliable, organized, delivers on deadlines and consistently impresses with his design ability. I continue to work with Pierluigi and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.


Pierluigi is a reliable and committed designer who takes care to deliver his best to any project in a fast and efficient way. Our experience of working with him to provide designs for web, mobile web and iPhone has been simple, straightforward and professional at all times. He is highly adaptable to changing needs and timescales that is essential within any startup business where things can move very quickly. And on top of that, Pierluigi is a lovely person to work with and we value him greatly as a member of our team.


I worked with Pierluigi on my company’s website and logo design. The designs he's provided have been elegant, functional and easy for our developers to implement. He has strong design workflows and his communication skills are excellent. Most importantly, he's a pleasure to speak to and his aesthetics are on-point. We'll be partnering up on many projects to come.


Mitch Sapoff, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at TechSuite


Pierluigi is a super talented UI/UX designer who displayed tremendous work-ethic throughout our collaboration. Communication has been quick and seamless, and Pierluigi went out of his way when needed to make sure that deliverables were always of the highest standard. Most importantly, he showed great integrity. I would recommend him without hesitating.




Pierluigi has been a pleasure to work with. He delivers the work on time and provides great value for money. What I particularly enjoyed about working with him, was how he was able to materialise my vision for the design with incredible finesse . I have already recommend him to a friend.

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As my first experience working with a UI/UX designer I found Pierluigi fantastic. He setup the website and brand identity for my company's website and designed some very smart feedback cards for our end users. The finished product was excellent and I received many compliments from friends and business owners regarding the brand new experience. I may well call on his services again!


Pierluigi is a designer that really cares about his work. He goes the extra mile to understand your business goals and incorporates that into his product. On top of that, he is responsive, reliable and produces extremely high quality user experiences. Pierluigi exceeded my expectations on both UX design and efficiency.


Pierluigi is a talented designer and he is very well-versed in both visual UI design and branding. On top of that, he has strong workflows that allows us to work in a fast, easy and efficient way. I highly recommend him knowing that he will be an asset to anyone he works with.


It was a great pleasure working with Pierluigi. He was an excellent addition to our team. He enjoyed turning complex problems into simple, beautiful, meticulously well executed interface designs.


Frederick Sanchez, Head of Visual Design of YouView Ltd


I've been working with Pierluigi for many years on a variety of small and big web projects, and he has been without a doubt the best designer I've ever worked with. He has a great understanding of front-end development and he consistently delivers files and assets that are easy to implement from a development point of view. 




After working with him for several months, I've found him to be incredibly professional, responsive, knowlegeable and talented. We look forward to partnering with on him all of our future web design work.


Pierluigi is an amazing UI designer who is effortless to work with. His design skills and attention to detail never fail to impress. He delivers outstanding work in a pinch even during the most demanding timelines. He's polite and kind, I'd recommend him to anyone.


Ian Lawson, Product owner at Awmous


I worked with Pierluigi for almost a year. I can say that he is an excellent team player. He delivers clean designs and usable, is very communicative and truly knows what he's doing


I was part of a product design team that Pierluigi supported - he did UI design for the revamped version of a website. His visual design skills were really impressive - he crafted a site that was visually appealing, uplifting, but also professional and something that our users could easily work with every day. The redesign looked great in the end, and Pierluigi's skills really shined. It was also easy to work with him - he was great at taking feedback and quickly implementing changes to the site. Overall, working with Pierluigi was a positive experience, he delivered a wonderful site - and I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend him to colleagues or work with him again.


Daniel Stringer, User Experience Consultant


Working with Pierluigi was enjoyable. His ability to translate abstract ideas into clean and attractive designs is invaluable. He was available and asked pointed, thought provoking questions during design ideation discussions. Overall we enjoyed working with Pierluigi and highly recommend his professionalism and design abilities.


GRACIE CARTER, Scrum Master at Synchrogenix


Working with Pierluigi has always been an extremely smooth experience. He is very quick at communication and replying to emails/messages (which is very important since we’re both working remotely) and the design files he delivers are easy to implement and well-organized.


Miroslav Pavlovski, Senior Mobile Developer (iOS/Android) at Adino


Design Coaching Testimonials


Pierluigi’s UI/UX advice and consultation was very useful for improving and organising my design workflow and he demonstrated great knowledge on both UI/UX Design as well as Personal Branding and Marketing. I highly recommend him!




Pierluigi is an amazing detailed designer and that's not all, he is also a great design coach that has a lot of useful advice to give from his many years of experience.


Leotrim Pllana, UI/UX Designer at PULLA


Pierluigi gave me lots of useful advice that had a positive impact on my freelance design business. He carefully listened to my needs and leveraged his many years of experience to point me in the right direction with a very clear and professional approach. I highly recommend him.




Pierluigi is not just an amazing designer but also a fantastic teacher. His advices are amazing for a person who is looking to make their way to the top in the design field and he is very detail-oriented.


VAIBHAV VISHAL UI/UX Designer at Perrault Health


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