My Favourite Design Tools

Design softwares I use:



Webflow has become my go-to tool to create websites easily and without the need of hiring a developer or fiddle around with code 🙌

Adobe Creative Suite.jpg

Adobe Creative suite

I mainly use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Acrobat for design work, while I sometimes hop into premiere for some advanced video editing for my YT Channel videos.

Sketch app.jpg

Sketch App

My favourite and primary design tool, I love Sketch 😍 Not much else to say, once you’ll learn about the insane amount of time-saving plugins and nested symbols features you’ll see why this tool is awesome.



My go-to tool platform for prototyping and managing clients projects and feedback rounds. It’s soo easy and soo efficient, this tool alone will 10X your workflow.


When I need design assets, I use these:



The very best UI kits and design templates out there. High quality and reliable, their design assets saved me hundreds of hours when working on client work 🙏

Creative Market.jpg


Just like UI8, Creative Market is on my Top list of design resources. They specifically have Awesome assets for branding and print design projects 🙌


Envato is simply a huge marketplace full of design goodies, and on graphic river you can surely find some gold nuggets. However, you usually have to dig a bit deeper ⛏


I usually use Unsplash for Pixabay when in need of HQ free photos, but when I really need a premium shot for a demanding client, Shutterstock is my secret weapon 🔫


Productivity and Management Tools:



My number #1 Tool to receive payments and not lose money in transactions. Way better than any local bank and Paypal.. if you are not using it and you’re a freelancer, you’re missing out big time.


Grammarly is just like having a native English speaker next to you, giving suggestions on how to write in perfect English. It proofreads everything you write, from emails to messages on Slack. It’s amazing and Free.



I have no idea why I had to waste years having password headaches before discovering this. Lastpass allows you to never forget or enter a password again in your life.