Web App & Dashboard (UI Design)

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Would you like a reliable designer that can help you design a great and user-friendly web app?

Or have a tailor-made dashboard that has a high level of quality, just like those of billion dollar companies like Facebook, Airbnb, or Apple? 

Would you enjoy working with an expert that truly understands your needs right away and gets you the results quickly without making you waste dozens of hours on communication issues and revisions?

If you even partially answered yes to any of these questions or would like to bring your web app to the next level, you probably thought of hiring a freelance designer to help you achieve the results that you desire within a small amount of time and without spending alot of money.

Imagine investing just a tiny amount of money and achieving the same visual design experience of billion dollar companies like Facebook, Google, Airbnb, and many more.

What would the extra ROI of this premium user-experience mean for your (or your client’s) business?

Increasing the retention rate of the users of your web app up to 53%?

Increasing the conversion rate to paid customers up to 87.3%?

Winning that funding round since your app’s UX impressed investors with its solid brand and visual identity? 


Why choose me?

By choosing to work with me, you will have the opportunity to work with a UI and brand designer with over 8 years of experience, and I will achieve high quality results at a very small price.

For more than 8 years, I have helped companies in all sorts of fields and situations, from multi-million dollar companies looking to get to the next level, to startups with their first million dollars in funding, in addition to early-stage startups who were looking to raise their first hundred thousand dollars in funding.

My premium web app designs follow the most cutting-edge UI/UX practices in order to maximise the chance that the final solution will achieve the business results and KPIs that you want.

The best part, is that each and every design is optimised and delivered in a format that will be extremely easy and smooth for developers to implement the design solution.


The Problem

For many, finding a good designer is the biggest challenge. There are tens of thousands of designers out there, and the vast majority will give you many headaches for several reasons, including:

  • Poor & Inconsistent Design Quality

  • Missed Deadlines (Most Popular Complaint)

  • No Practical Experience

  • Poor Communication

  • They Don’t Ask The Right Questions (And Heavily Miss Your Web App’s Goals & KPIs)

  • They Aren’t Proactive

  • The Make Design Files That Are Hard For Developers To Implement


The Solution

You may realise that the faster youl find a great designer, the faster you can have a less stressful business life, and make more money, in less time. That’s why you’ll love working with me.

Many designers out there (especially the ones you’ll find on cheap design sites) will simply take orders, grab your content without asking too many questions, and won’t make an effort to understand your business goals. They will use copy/paste templates to deliver the order fast, just as if you were part of a fast-food chain. 

Listen, I create templates myself, and sometimes they can be useful to save a bit of time on manual work, but they aren’t a magic one-size-fit-all solution. I understand that when it comes to client projects, each and every project must be tailor-made and focused on specifically solving the client’s problems.

With every order, I work to create unique and tailor-made designs that will resonate with their brand culture. Let’s be frank, you wouldn’t have read to this page so far if you thought that Facebook built their billion dollar web apps just by using cheap $5 templates.

If you want a great web app, but don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for a premium design, if you want to have a great user-experience for your online product, or if you’re looking to bring your current dashboard app experience to the next level, then you’ll love how easy and enjoyable you’ll find it can be, especially when you work with me.

My Web App UI Design Process

My approach focuses around an initial research phase where I’ll learn about your company, your customers, and your goals for the project. That is precisely the reason why I have a detailed design brief with several key questions to be 100% sure we’ll be on the same page.

In turn, not asking these questions would create problems in communication later on down the road. Followed by that, l’ll have a brainstorming session and will work to generate ideas on how to execute the project in the best possible way.

The next phase will be creating the actual structure based on the screens or sketches that you’ve sent me. I will design a solid working wireframe in Sketch.

At that point, that’s where I’ll really go into the design details and create a pixel-perfect web app screen that will match your company’s vision and essence.

I will focus on colors, typography, layout, and composition in order to bring your web app’s user experience to the next level. 

With a 99.97% client satisfaction rate, don’t take my word for it, please check for yourself on what my current and past clients have had to say about working with me:

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The Best Tools and Workflows

In order to make the process of collaborating and working remotely with me very easy and smooth, I use the very best industry-standard tools and workflows that will allow us to easily collaborate, no matter how big your team is or how many comments or project variations we’ll need in the future. My processes and workflows have been refined over the many years of working remotely with small and large teams from all sorts of backgrounds. I alwaysWhen working with me, you’ll have access to all of these industry-standard tools and my premium workflows at no additional cost.


Examples of my Web App UI Designs:




What I appreciated most about working with Pierluigi is that when he said he would get something done, he always did. I never had to ask him twice. He thinks about the user experience first, recommends options, when our team didn't even think of it, and was thorough, professional, and most important, quick! I hope we can work together on future projects. Great experience!



I really enjoyed working with Pierluigi. He did a phenomenal job on my web app and website. Opening emails from him felt like opening a Christmas gift as I was excited to see what each new screen would look like. He has a true eye for design. He was attentive and made changes quickly. Glad I found him and I plan on working with him again in the future.



Pierluigi is an extremely talented, world-class designer who came to me highly recommended. He is professional, reliable, organized, delivers on deadlines and consistently impresses with his design ability. I continue to work with Pierluigi and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.



Pierluigi is a reliable and committed designer who takes care to deliver his best to any project in a fast and efficient way. Our experience of working with him to provide designs for web, mobile web and iPhone has been simple, straightforward and professional at all times. He is highly adaptable to changing needs and timescales that is essential within any startup business where things can move very quickly. And on top of that, Pierluigi is a lovely person to work with and we value him greatly as a member of our team.




Frequently Asked Questions


How Much does you web app services costs?

It depends on a couple of variables, please contact me so we can hop on a Discover call where I can learn more about your specific needs and create a solution tailored for you. That being said, my prices are very reasonable and I work at a very competitive hourly rate.


Again, it depends on the project. I usually offer two pricing structures for different deadlines: Standard Priority and High Priority. With High Priority I will fully dedicate myself and schedule your project so that the delivery will be very fast (much faster than on Standard Priority), but it comes at a small hourly extra.

How do you make sure that my Developers will be able to easily integrate your UI designs?

I always focus on creating design deliverables that are extremely easy for developers to integrate, without the need of back and forth emails that will waste both of our time.

In order to do so, I developed strong workflows and processes that allow me to synch with a developer (or even large teams of developers) of any type of background and provide them with all the assets they need in the latest industry-standard formats, as well as precise and minute CSS details that they can easily copy and paste into their code. I use a combination of inVision Inspect and other tools that will require only 2 minutes from your developer to learn the basics and we’ll then be able to get the designs coded professionally in no time.

In this video I explain developers how they can access the assets and exact specific visual details of my designs: pierluigigiglio.com/code

I am not in the same timezone, how do we handle this?

Over the many years I’ve been working as a remote freelancer, I’ve been working with clients from all over the world and never had a problem with this.

The reason for this is simple: I keep everything very organised.

When working with me, you’ll have access to premium tools that allow us to be 100% synched on the goals and updates at all times and, whenever we need to hop on a video, audio or shared screen call we can easily arrange a time or you can book one directly from my Calendly scheduler, so that you can book time with me in your preferred timezone without the need to chat with me earlier on.

On top of that, I have extremely fast internet connection (it’s the top-tier in my area) so we can do video and shared screen calls that are crystal clear. I also have a 4K Webcam and a premium podcast microphone, which those alone are $400 worth of equipment.

One note: my work schedule works particularly well with the timezones of American clients, hence why 70% of my client base is from the US.


Let’s chat about your Web App project over a Discovery Call: